About Britts Artistry
Brittany Earle is an artist born and raised in Dallas, TX. Her love of art began in junior high with watercolors and sculptures. Her appreciation of art progressed with acrylic and oil paintings during high School. She went on to college to study Art Education, Literature, and Foreign Languages. She recently moved back to Dallas after living in Huntsville, AL and Nashville, TN for a few years during her college years; shot out to her HBCU fam Oakwood University, Alabama A&M, and Tennessee State University. She is the owner and lead artist of Britts Artistry, a company that satisfies your senses of Art through Edible Art, Paintings, and Upcycles. 

Britts Artistry started in 2011, with paintings and furniture upcycles being its primary focus, all while still working a full-time job. In 2013, after a family "Cupcake Wars" style contest, Brittany fell in love with her new art medium, food. Although she did lose the contest to her sister in law, Sharnell, who works with Brittany and is one half of the Britts Artistry Extras team, she added Edible Art to the business. In 2015, after a successful career in dental practice management and consulting, Brittany decided to focus on her business full time. The Edible Art has catapulted her brand and became a platform for clients to be introduced to Painting With Britt, a private paint party experience, and Upcycles, where Brittany repurposes furniture pieces and accessories with unique fabrics and finishes. 

Brittany and her partner Eduardo have 2 girls and 4 dogs. In her spare time, if there is any, she enjoys spending her time with family, watching Frasier, and going antiquing. The support and encouragement from her parents, her two older brothers, significant other, and close friends have been a staple in her business and she attributes most of her success to them.

Her goal for 2018 is to paint more, be it commissioned art pieces, hosting more Painting With Britt parties, and offering more art programs for youth and seniors. She has been partnering with other businesses, networking with other artist, and draws inspiration from the women's empowerment movement, so this year is off to a great start!